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a tired season but still more beautiful. It takes its nature to the universe. The dreamy landscape with ducks in a humid weather defines a sense of purity. Also, the green plants in front of the painting represent the perspective of the painting better.

price: 900$



This painting refers to life and how humans during the time will be evolved by the environment. The painting consists of yellow and orange colours which are the sign of intellectual and inspiration. Before and after life we are not aware where we come from. Understanding evolution is important. Understanding evolution helps us solve biological problems that impact our lives.

price: 1500$


Golden Horse

I am still under the impression that there is nothing alive quite so beautiful as a horse. This painting is a symbol of power and innocent. A golden horse represents a happy nature, with the combination of golden color and a beautiful landscape behind it, refers that the life continues as fast as a golden Horse.

price: 1600$


Lovers in Spring

New Romance. . . never is love in the air like in spring, new love is anxious to be experienced, and old romance renewed are all symbols of love. Not only is spring the time to hunt for a new love, spring is the time to paint the colourful scenes of life.

price: 1300$


Lovers in a boat

Two women in a boat, it may be strange in some cultures but do not make a mistake, the women are sisters and the man is the husband of one of them. There are a lot of vegetables and flowers in the boat with beautiful colors which stimulate anybody to look at it.

price: 1600$



Flowers in this painting with beautiful colours such as red, white which symbolize love and emotions. These flowers show the artist’s emotion with the touches of brushes in order to show the living creatures as flowers. They are alive till they would not cut from the nature.

price: 1400$


Dreamy Colours

Fall is not a sad season. It is a season which a time to rest, to refresh what we have done before. It does not imply a sense of separation, rather it defines love, kindness.

Red, yellow, brown, black and orange colours are all the reflection of humans’ feelings.

price: 1450$



Painting a city is my favourite subject. I like to paint alive city with people buying, eating, walking and talking. I feel liveliness in this city. City without people is such a grave, people’s role is very important in this world, we are the crown of creatures, everywhere with humans get a sense of life there. I like painting shops and the lights which is spread on the street. The yellow colours of lamps in the shops with people in the street represent liveliness.

price: 1900$


love through cherry Blossoms

Cherry blossoms are the symbol of love. I can feel the scents of them, the energy I got from them is unexplained. I cannot explain love in words, but in pink colours show the emotions better.

price: 1000$


Lovers in a rainy Day

The rain awakens your soul and relieves the feelings of loneliness. The rainy day presents itself as a gift for those in love, and draws them towards their memories; sad or happy. The onset of the rainy season is also the onset of love, romance, and warmth. This painting implies the lovers in a more romantic ways with using red and yellow colors.

price: 1000$

Farah Niarad

I am an Art and English teacher. I am living in Canada and studying my second master.
I studied Bachelor of Art, English Language and Literature and Master of Art Research. I soon evinced a market inclination for drawing and painting, always have studied and worked on painting. I have executed many paintings as well as landscapes and abstracts.
The art of painting has always enchanted me because it encourages me to put across the many ideas that my mind forms. Through painting, for more than fifteen years I have been blessed with the ability to express my thoughts, emotions, and ideas by utilizing my senses. I believe that acquiring a ranging set of skills have helped me realize this expression more freely and more truthfully. Each paintings are filled with my passion for life, my vision of this world, the nature, beautiful colors around me and the perception of people along with my emotions. I never knew I could adore doing something so much which would end up with a beautiful colors on the canvas.

I see objects as vibrant patterns, textures and palettes. For me life is a colorful and beautiful experience that is to be enjoyed to its fullest. I get into active meditation mode when I hold my paintbrush and palette. I express my emotions and visions through colors on the canvas. I love the loneliness and serenity during the creation.
I took part in several painting competitions and received the first and second rank. Furthermore, I took part in some group exhibitions.

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