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Restless Sleep

Restless Sleep

Drunken from Wine or Book? The warmth of the sun made me drunk of Wine and the Book

price: 1600$


Colorful Loneliness

Regardless of the whole world in my loneliness, in the nature , from the light of the sun, gay from the plants, trees and the song of birds, enjoyed it all.

price: 1300$


Flowers of my HEart

My favorite flower

price: 800$


In search of Freedom

The feeling of flying away from the laws of tribes which has tide up my hands and feet, I want to fly away to free myself.

price: 1700$


Windows to my Memories

Nostalgia of memories from Grand mother, Geranium flowers and tails of Grand Mother.

price: 1200$



In twilight of the streets, the howling of the wind, has grabbed and raised a storm in my heart.

price: 1500$


Unconditional Love

My tribes men, the wind waving through the trees, brings the smell of love to my nose. Drown me in myself and let us be as one.

price: 1300$


Sad Rebellion

I tear up my cloths…. I want to rebel.

price: 1500$


Burning Storm

The sea is stormy, so is my heart. But I know after this storm, the sun will shine out of the dark clouds and my heart will feel at ease.

price: 700$



Behind the mask of the modern woman, a traditional woman has been caught in her traditions.

price: 1400$



Loneliness doesn’t know coldness nor warmth, but I have embraced myself not so kindly, but loyal.

price: 1300$



Play the music to stop the war sound and the bloodshed.

price: 1800$


Peace Anthem

My hair in the blowing of the wind, I walk firmly in a new path with a bag packed full of experience.

price: 1300$


Window to the World

Look at the world the way I do.

price: 1100$

Shirin Afsharian

I am Shirin Afsharian.
I started my professional work from 2001. Before then and during my youth, I only drew whatever I felt. Whatever, and how I felt I painted it and hung it on my home walls.
One day, my Uncle’s wife came to my house and saw my paintings and drawings. She told me, you have a lot of talent so don’t waste it. It would be a pity and a shame if you don’t follow and work under tuition of a an Art Master and learn professionally. The first thing she did was to buy me a painting canvas, brushes and paints and that’s how it all started.
I was introduced to an Art Master and I took up classes five days a week and each day at three sessions from morning till night.
One of the paintings I was drawing was a Jungle with ten bears in it. By seeing the original work, I realized that my Master was not good enough and can not help me nor teach me the Art of Painting and I felt I must change and find a new Art Master. After searching a lot, I found a new Art Master who was well known among the professionals. By going to this new Master, I realized that I had wasted two valuable years and hard work. Believe it or not , I didn’t even know how to mix paint with oil!
It was then that I decided and promised myself that if one day I became a professional painter and a Master myself, my students shouldn’t experience my wasted time and years.
Regardless of all the opposition against continuing my work from family and friends, I loved my work so much that I started almost from zero and had only one objective and desire…. To become a professional painter and an Art Master myself and teach my students all my knowing.
Eighteen years has passed since then during which time I participated in many group Exhibitions and sold many paintings.
I started teaching from 2011 and its over two years now that I run my own Art gallery with many students learning.
I am quite satisfied with what I have done so far while I do know that I still need learning and testing new technics and materials and to teach my students the best I can.
I still have a long way to go to become a real Master of Art but for sure with higher objectives and plans in mind.

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