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Lovely Artist

Lovely Artist

A woman who works with her hands, heart and mind is an artist, a woman in love can design life in the most artistic way possible, as an artist and skilled designer make her life so that when others look at her work the make her there role model in the art of living, be the artist of your life, live every day in an artistic way, every day that God gives us is like a white canvas empty of paintings that we paint our lives on these canvases every day, So try not to be repetitive and not boring because the day will come when we put all these paintings together and see an overall painting of our lives, so live life more artistically and romantically until you see the whole painting of your life and at that moment you will be proud of yourself.

price: 600$


Lady in Red

A lot of words, I wish someone was waiting somewhere, I am waiting for you to come today, when you are here my painting is the most beautiful painting in the world, it is difficult to wait, but the most difficult thing is that you don’t know whether to wait or not.  I have a lot to say, waiting to see you makes your distance easier and I am still waiting in vain to see your beautiful face shining like the moon, I know that you will not return, without you heaven is a prison of sorrow for me.  It was winter when you left, spring passed and you did not come, autumn and winter passed and you have not come yet and you have disrupted the seasons of my life and I am still waiting for you, maybe one day I will see you somewhere again, these few months that you left Were like several years but I realized how soon it would be too late.

price: 700$


Symbol of life

The serenity and beauty of the seahorse, my favorite animal, when I was a child I enjoyed seeing and drawing it and I remember that as a child my sweet mother gave me a seahorse necklace that I always wore around my neck, because it was a gift from my mother it was very valuable to me.  The seahorse is a symbol of luck, happiness and joy for me and I get positive energies from seeing it and it always reminds me of my sweet mother. Seahorses give me the feeling of positivity, happiness and are supportive to me.

price: 600$


Masterpiece of Creation

Woman is a masterpiece of creation (Bernard Shaw).  In my opinion, all women in the world are beautiful and powerful. With a beautiful heart full of femininity, a woman is a symbol of purity, cheerfulness and love. If it were not for women, men would not exist. Women are as brilliant as shining diamond. If you’re a woman, they judge you, they judge your smile, they judge your beauty, they judge you about your soul and body, they judge you and your womanhood (Forough Farrokhzad).

price: 1300$


Brilliant Woman

In my opinion all the women in the world are naturally beautiful, brave, powerful and If we go back to several years ago, we see that women did not have a special place in society at that time, but over time women proved that they are much stronger and more determined than men. They can create the best in society. Today we see many successful women and girls in the world, independent girls and women who continued and shined with all their might in the face of all the hardships and problems of life. I love being a woman and I am proud of it and today I am so strong that it is as if I did not cry yesterday.

price: 900$


Powerful Woman

In fact, by painting this painting, I have portrayed the attractive and popular personality types of Alpha women. Alpha women know exactly what they want, they are the most powerful social group, and at the peak of femininity, they are always leaders, and unlike other women, they keep There femininity and can be at the peak of power and leadership, and they have a very strong personality, and they are determined and work hard to achieve their goal.

price: 700$


Free Soul

Inside a woman can live four other women at the same time, one wicked and evil girl, the second an arrogant girl, the third a middle-aged and independent woman and the fourth an old and grumpy woman, but it all depends on the behavior of the women socially that which character is more colorful. I am a free woman and free women have high self-esteem and a great spirit, free women dress and adorn themselves as they like, dance, laugh and disregard the judgment of the people, I am a woman, a creative woman, your creator, the creator of love, Creator of tears, I am a woman and I’m free to live as I want, so know that gender is meaningless in my world.

price: 900$

Innocent Moon

Being a woman is a miracle, the innocent look in her words, her promise, her heart, is so pure that she can be trusted and relied on to infinity, O woman, the world is full of the footsteps of people who honestly lie and betray you sincerely, Even if you are the strongest woman in the world, there are times when a hand must touch you, there are times when it fills your heart to be truly loved and embraced, to be understood, you must know a woman and romantically feel her. The eyes of a woman should never be simply overlooked.

price: 1100$


Passion of life

A woman’s feelings are a sign of the truth within her and the language of her soul, I do not know you but I am full of feelings of love and I am proud of being a woman, you are a woman sometimes buy yourself a gift and get yourself a cup of coffee In a cozy place, respect yourself, your soul and your feelings, feel proud, you are a miracle, no man would be a poet if there was no woman, O woman your miracle, talk, laugh, love and rejoice, live as you like to.

price: 1300$


Inner Child

The child inside me is looking at life colorfully, her heart wants to fill the world with beautiful colors of the rainbow, in my soul she is still the child who wants to see love and happiness in the most ordinary things, the child inside me is playful, she jumps up and down, mischievously looks at the sky and laughs, she enjoys seeing the birds and hearing their voices, the child inside me has no limits and is free, happy and alive and cares about her wishes, it is a blessing that made her hopeful I love myself, I love the child inside me because even if it’s for just a moment I become a little child again.

price: 1600$

Elnaz Laki (Missely)

I was immersed in the interaction of the beauty of the world and colors and creating different faces and colors with my own style to reflect a mirror of the face within art and color and the art of painting is the food of the soul and painting is related to God, if you could paint in other words, you are creating which there was no reason to paint in the first place, life is like a canvas and you can paint your life on it.

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