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My name is Golnaz.
I am a graphics designer and painter,I am passionate about kids’ education, arts, crafts and pottery.
I author and illustrate kids’ books and also teach kids how to paint and illustrate their own books. (either by computer or by hand drawing and painting)

Parmida was born in Pakistan and grew up in Iran where she is originally from. She acquired Master’s Degree in microbiology. Art in general was her childhood’s companion. Parmida plays piano and paints. In her opinion, in order to be a professional painter, we have to understand art in every aspect. From learning all the techniques to know the materials and colours. She has worked about 15 years in all fields of painting such as oil-colour, Acrylic, Charcoal, Resin, etc. With 7 years of teaching experience to students from different countries, she creates marvellous artworks with same childhood passion in art. Teaching Jewellery Design and participating in many exhibitions in Iran, Turkey and Malaysia are other aspects of her journey through art world.

Amir H. Zekrgoo
4 Elements of Life (water, fire, earth, air) was an art project I initiated in late 1970’s. At the age of 19, I wanted explore the remarkable function of the Elements! In the process I developed a special bond with water, which seemed to have a distinct place among the four. This marks the beginning of a very long artistic engagement with Water – the first element!
My several life-changing journeys along the historical Silk Road had remarkable impact on my art. I travelled with my backpack to sacred Hindu and Buddhist sites in many countries. There I became fascinated with the coy fish, a familiar scene in and around Southeast and Fareast Asia temples. Their vivid colours and harmonious group glides were soothing. A few crumbs of bread and, in an instance, the harmony turns into chaos. Coy gradually found an increasingly prominent role in my paintings.
Water personifies creativity with no boundary. It is a transforming agent for me. I work on multiple paintings at the same time; they whisper to me about the directions, and the comfortable pace with which they want to move. When I glance through my artworks created during past 30 years, I see that I was unknowingly imitating water!

I am an Art and English teacher. I am living in Canada and studying my second master.
I studied Bachelor of Art, English Language and Literature and Master of Art Research. I soon evinced a market inclination for drawing and painting, always have studied and worked on painting. I have executed many paintings as well as landscapes and abstracts.
The art of painting has always enchanted me because it encourages me to put across the many ideas that my mind forms. Through painting, for more than fifteen years I have been blessed with the ability to express my thoughts, emotions, and ideas by utilizing my senses. I believe that acquiring a ranging set of skills have helped me realize this expression more freely and more truthfully. Each paintings are filled with my passion for life, my vision of this world, the nature, beautiful colors around me and the perception of people along with my emotions. I never knew I could adore doing something so much which would end up with a beautiful colors on the canvas.

I see objects as vibrant patterns, textures and palettes. For me life is a colorful and beautiful experience that is to be enjoyed to its fullest. I get into active meditation mode when I hold my paintbrush and palette. I express my emotions and visions through colors on the canvas. I love the loneliness and serenity during the creation.
I took part in several painting competitions and received the first and second rank. Furthermore, I took part in some group exhibitions.

I am Shirin Afsharian.
I started my professional work from 2001. Before then and during my youth, I only drew whatever I felt. Whatever, and how I felt I painted it and hung it on my home walls.
One day, my Uncle’s wife came to my house and saw my paintings and drawings. She told me, you have a lot of talent so don’t waste it. It would be a pity and a shame if you don’t follow and work under tuition of a an Art Master and learn professionally. The first thing she did was to buy me a painting canvas, brushes and paints and that’s how it all started.
I was introduced to an Art Master and I took up classes five days a week and each day at three sessions from morning till night.
One of the paintings I was drawing was a Jungle with ten bears in it. By seeing the original work, I realized that my Master was not good enough and can not help me nor teach me the Art of Painting and I felt I must change and find a new Art Master. After searching a lot, I found a new Art Master who was well known among the professionals. By going to this new Master, I realized that I had wasted two valuable years and hard work. Believe it or not , I didn’t even know how to mix paint with oil!
It was then that I decided and promised myself that if one day I became a professional painter and a Master myself, my students shouldn’t experience my wasted time and years.
Regardless of all the opposition against continuing my work from family and friends, I loved my work so much that I started almost from zero and had only one objective and desire…. To become a professional painter and an Art Master myself and teach my students all my knowing.
Eighteen years has passed since then during which time I participated in many group Exhibitions and sold many paintings.
I started teaching from 2011 and its over two years now that I run my own Art gallery with many students learning.
I am quite satisfied with what I have done so far while I do know that I still need learning and testing new technics and materials and to teach my students the best I can.
I still have a long way to go to become a real Master of Art but for sure with higher objectives and plans in mind.

I am Shirin Jabal Ameli
I was born in 1967 in Tehran, Iran.
I’m graduated in political science. I’m a painter, a photographer and an author.
I have been painting for 27 years and I follow my personal artistic style and technique that I have named, Apranik.


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